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LILY PERRY is an abstract painter based in Riverside, CT.

Lily Perry is an abstract painter based in Riverside, CT. She paints with different mediums including acrylic, house paint, graphite, sharpies and pastels. She often adds unexpected elements such as glass or duct tape to her work and enjoys exploring contrast and scale. 

Lily works equally well with bright colors and neutrals and some of her most popular pieces are neutral with just the tiniest pop of color! She often paints commissions with particular spaces in mind and enjoys the challenge of pulling elements of your room into her work.

Lily comes from a family of working artists and has always painted as a hobby. She worked in NYC in the fashion industry for years after school, but when she had her three kids she decided to stay home with them and began painting more regularly. She is now painting full time out of her studio in Connecticut and has a devoted and fast-growing client base. She is represented at Swoon Gallery in Westport and at Abigail Fox in Greenwich, CT. Lily has degrees from the University of Virginia and Parsons School of Art and Design. She lives in a home she designed and built with her husband, three daughters and two dogs.

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